Custom Picture Framing

High-quality picture framing in Key West, Florida

Anything can be framed. Over the years we have framed a wide variety of items including fine art prints, antique photographs, watercolors, oil paintings, military memorabilia, textiles, treasure coins, documents and children ��s art.

Custom frame design is more than choosing a frame. All elements will affect the final product. Our goal in framing artwork is to enhance or compliment the art – not overpower it. We have hundreds of frame and mat selections to choose from.

There are many guidelines in framing but no rules. Our creative team will collaborate with you to incorporate your style and budget to create a piece you will enjoy for many years.

    Custom Framing Pricing:

    There are 5 basic costs that are involved in the total framing cost. These costs are based upon the outside dimensions of the finished piece and which materials are chosen. We will work with you to choose the combination of framing materials, mat color and overall design that best enhances the artwork and suits your taste and budget.

    1. Frame choice:  This cost varies from a simple low cost frame to a more expensive ornate frame. Your costs can be lowered or raised by the frame you choose.
    2. Mounting:  Your artwork will need to be mounted on some type of backing to give it a foundation or structure and to hold it in the frame.
    3. Matting: There are many types of mats available, including paper, archival, and cotton rag. Textured mats, including silk, linen and leather, are also available.
    4. Glazing:  Choices include regular clear, non-glare, UV protective, anti-reflection and museum glass. Similar choices are available in acrylic.
    5. Assembly/fitting: Labor to assemble the piece
    Framing Options